Is Xylocaine A Good Premature Ejaculation Jelly?

Many patients say premature ejaculation jelly, like Xylocaine, doesn’t help them at all. Is Xylocaine a safe treatment for men with premature ejaculation?

It’s not a secret that many men suffer from premature ejaculation. In some cases, premature ejaculation is caused by physical factors. But in many cases, psychological factors play the main role in causing premature ejaculation. Some doctors give their patients Xylocaine jelly to reduce oversensitivity in the male organ.

What is Xylocaine

Xylocaine jelly is a local anesthetic that works on physical level. While most cases of premature ejaculation are caused by psychological factors, that’s why the jelly has no positive effect on many patients. I even encourage every patient to no longer use Xylocaine jelly. Why? Because the jelly can anaesthetize the vagina, making your wife or partner doesn’t feel optimal pleasure during sexual activity. The long-term use of Xylocaine jelly will even reduce sperm quality. So just stop using the jelly.

It’s better to take antidepressant

Since premature ejaculation is mostly caused by psychological factors, it will be more effective if you take an antidepressant especially the one containing cloripramin. This helps to lower your anxiety and fear about your sexual performance. Finally you can have more enjoyable sexual activity with your partner in bed.

Another medical solution

Another similar  premature ejaculation jelly I can offer is Enlast. Enlastcomes as a cream functioning to desensitize your male genital, it effectively delaysejaculation. Different with Xylocaine jelly that anaesthetizes vagina and affects your sperm quality, Enlast cream is very safe. The product contains Benzocaineand enriched with natural ingredients. Enlast formula is already approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The safety and effectiveness of Enlast is highly tested by many doctors and their patients. Everyone facing problems with premature ejaculation should consider using Enlast.

Is Xylocaine A Good Premature Ejaculation Jelly?