Recommended Pills to Combat Premature Ejaculation

Ejaculating too soon is embarrassing and disturbing experience for men. They turn to feel so weak and anxious not only about their sex performance, but also about their lives. Men with premature ejaculation will do everything to fix the problem. One common way is to take pills. There are so many premature ejaculation pills available in the market, make sure you choose the natural ones and recommended by real MDs (Doctors of Medicine).

DuraMale is not just pills to delay ejaculation during sex intercourse, it also helps men to increase libido and even improve their erection. Another good thing from DuraMale, the pills are made from herbal ingredients. They’re very safe for your kidneys and heart.


Delay amazingly can work within the brain. It overcomes imbalance in the brain and reduces anxiety, those are negative factors mainly cause premature ejaculation. Delay also contains powerful herbal ingredients to fix men’s sexual dysfunction. You won’t feel numb after taking Delay, many consumers say they can get more enjoyable and longer sex intercourse.

PrematureX is another great product for men’s sexual health. This can restore your ability to control ejaculation or orgasm. The formula works in the brain, so that the delay of ejaculation will occur more naturally and easily.

I want to add Enlast in the list. Enlast is not pills, but a formula packed in the form of cream. If each man uses Enlast, I’m sure they will forget what premature ejaculation is. The cream is fortified with Benzocaine that helps you to control sexual power, slowing the onset of ejaculation. The product has been approved and recommended by the FDA to prevent premature ejaculation. The combination of pills and Enlast cream can give you perfect result. Try this and you’ll experience the ultimate sexual experience just like the first time you did it!