Premature Ejaculation Prevention : 4 Simple Steps That Works

Premature ejaculation is a common men’s problem.This article will show you 4 surefire steps about premature ejaculation prevention that you can try in bed.

According to a research, 30% of men suffer from premature ejaculation. Under normal circumstance, men ejaculate 7 minutes after penetration. Those who ejaculate under 1.8 minutes can be considered as premature ejaculation. Some men even ejaculate less than one minute. Ejaculating too early causes sexual dissatisfaction not only for a man, but also for his partner. If you don’t want to experience this men’s embarrassing problem, here are several tips about premature ejaculation prevention.

Pelvic floor muscles exercise
Pelvic muscles work to support and control the penis, so you should often train them to prevent premature ejaculation. Pelvic muscles will become weak and weaker because of age, but you can strengthen them back with regular practice. Strong pelvic muscles can slow the arrival of ejaculation sensation. Doctors honestly say that pelvic muscle exercise is a more effective treatment than medication.

Slow down your tempo
Sexual intercourse is not something to do in a hurry, you need to do it slowly with your partner for getting optimal satisfaction. When you’ve penetrated, slow down the pelvic thrusting pace. Try also to change your penetration depth and angle every few seconds. If your pelvic muscles are already trained, this technique can work more effectively.

Pause pelvic thrusting
Sometimes thrusting needs to be stopped completely, particularly when the sensation to ejaculate comes. Maintain your penetration and feel a unique experience when you’re pausing. When the sensation to ejaculate goes away, you may continue pelvic thrusting. This technique also requires strong pelvic muscles, so don’t forget to do pelvic floor exercise regularly.

Sexual boosting formula
For the last, I want to share a sexual boosting formula named Enlast. It’s a product with Benzocaine and herbal ingredients. The FDA has approved Enlast as a genital desensitizer for males. By applying the formula on your penis before sexual intercourse, no need to worry again about premature ejaculation. Your ejaculation will come at the right time and you can enjoy long and romantic sexual activity with your partner.