Premature Ejaculation Causes: Psychological and Biological Factors

There are many men suffer because of premature ejaculation. This condition interferes not only with their sexual activity, but also with their relationships and other important aspects of life. Most scientific theories mention that the premature ejaculation causes are a complex combination of psychological and biological factors.

I think it’s important to know about premature ejaculation causes, so we can determine the right steps to do some treatments.

Psychological factors
Some doctors believe that past traumatic experiences contribute to make a man ejaculating too early. When you were teenager, you might masturbate and rush to reach orgasm immediately to avoid getting caught by your parents. Feeling of guilt during masturbation or another sexual activity increases your tendency to ejaculate as soon as possible. Anxiety and relationship problems are the other psychological aspects that lead to the occurrence of premature ejaculation.

Biological factors
Biological factors that cause premature ejaculation include abnormal hormone levels, abnormal chemicals levels in the brain, thyroid problems and prostate inflammation. In some cases, inherited traits have great influence on premature ejaculation. The normal length of a man’s sex activity should be about 7.3 minutes, but more than 40 percent of men astonishingly finish before two minutes. There are even those who ejaculate under one minute. I think it’s a harsh reality that we have to overcome.

I believe there is always a solution for every problem, including man’s sexual problem especially premature ejaculation. Many products are offered to cure premature ejaculation, but not all of them approved by medical doctors. Enlast is one of the best products for premature ejaculation that has got approval from the FDA. The formula comes as a cream fortified with Benzocaine. It works effectifely to desentize your male organ, so that you can prolong your sexual activity with partner before ejaculation occurs.