Does Premature Ejaculation Cause Infertility?

Some men are too sensitive sexually, so they aren’t able to delay ejaculation. The question: does premature ejaculation and infertility have relationship? Let’s try to discuss it.

Premature ejaculation is a condition in which a man climaxes too early when doing sexual activity. This makes him not to get optimal pleasure. Premature ejaculation can be caused by stress, side effects of drugs and prostate problem. However, the cause is certainly not just medical conditions.


In a normal sexual activity between man and woman, three things must happen: penetration, pelvic thrusting and ejaculation. When the third occurs first, it inevitably impacts fertility. The sperm will not get into the vagina and fertilization fails. Ejaculation before penetration is experienced by super sensitive men. When thinking about women or sex, they cannot hold the sensation of ejaculation. All happened so quickly beyond their control. If you’re experiencing the same problem, visit the best doctor for advice and medical treatment.

How if ejaculation occurs when pelvic thrusting has just lasted for a while? You may think it won’t affect fertility because the sperm successfully gets into the vagina. But if the premature ejaculation is caused by medical conditions, such as drug side effects, prostate problem and depression, then this must negatively affect fertility. You know that drugs, prostate problem and depression can decrease the sperm count of a man.


The solution I offer is Enlast, a cream fortified with Benzocaine to treat premature ejaculation. It reduces the oversensitivity of your genital, so ejaculation before penetration is impossible to happen. The use of the product will also help to lengthen your pelvic thrusting time, so you can feel great pleasure with your partner before ejaculation occurs. Approved by the FDA, Enlast is a safe product to use in the long term. If you still have problems with fertility, visit your doctor immediately because Enlast is not designed to treat infertility.