Enlast Versus Promescent: Which One is Better?

Enlast and Promescent are two popular products for dealing with premature ejaculation. Enlast comes as a cream, while Promescent is a spray. Enlast versus Promescent: which one isBetter?

Based on the reviews from many customers, the two products are equally effective to stop premature ejaculation. However, each has advantages and disadvantages. We’ll discuss them from several points.

The application

Since Enlast is a cream, you may feel that it’s sticky and uncomfortable for penis and your partner’s vagina. If you aren’t careful, the cream can mess up your clothes and sheets.Meanwhile, Promescent is a messy-free spray. It’s much easier to apply the spray on your male organ. Only in 10 minutes the spray has worked to numb your genital and keep you away from premature ejaculation.


Enlast ingredients are far superior to Promescent. The cream contains some natural ingredients such as muirapuama, hanaper macho and blue passion flower. All of them have been approved by the FDA. What about Promescent? Unfortunately, the main ingredient of the spray is lidocaine, a local anesthetic. Lidocaine can anaesthetizes vagina and decrease your partner’s pleasure. It’s said that lidocaine also hasnegative impact on sperm quality.

Do they work?
Enlast and Promescent work equally well to stop premature ejaculation. But Promescent only works as an temporary solution, while Enlast is more recommended for long-term use since it’s made from safe natural ingredients.

The prices

The prices of Enlasts and Promescent may not be considered cheap by many people or customers. They’re available on Amazon, and both are expensive. But with prices that are not too much different, most men must prefer to buy Enlast because of its superiority in ingredients and advantages.

After considering the advantages and disadvantages of the two products, I personally choose Enlast as the winner.

Enlast Versus Promescent: Which One is Better?