How to Cure Premature Ejaculation Naturally and Safely

Sexual health is so important because it can affect many aspects of human life. If you suffer from premature ejaculation, there must be an imbalance in your physical and psychological condition. And that will disrupt your relationships and your confidence. Every man who desires happiness tries any possible ways to get rid of the condition. Medical treatments may become the first option, but premature ejaculaton is actually a problem that can be cured naturally

Compared to medical treatments, I prefer natural treatments because they deal with the condition effectively and completely. Medical treatments are just a first aid, but natural treatments can promise long-lasting and even permanent result. Here are some natural ways to cure premature ejaculation  naturally:

Breathe consciously
The mind and body follow your breath. The faster you breathe, the faster you ejaculate. So watch and slow your breath when doing sexual activity, this will enable you to have and enjoy a long sexual intercourse. If your partner also breathes in the same way, then your relationship will be more intense and deeper.

Start, pause, and then start again
When you’ve been close to ejaculation, pause for a few seconds or minutes. Then, you can start pelvic thrusting again. During the moment of pause, you may maintain penetration or even withdraw for a while from your female partner. If the sensation of ejaculation is too strong, it’s allright to squeeze the head of your penis using moderate pressure until the sensation passes.

Applying cream will help
Lastly, I would like to suggest Enlast for you. Enlast is not a chemical solution, it’s a desensitizer cream made from herbs approved by real MDs. Many people have used the product; they say Enlast is very successful to slow the onset of ejaculation. The cream works effectively to reduce oversensitivity in the male organ. The routine use of Enlast combined with conscious breathing and pause techniques will overcome premature ejaculation.