3 Side Effects of Ejaculation Spray You Have to Know

If you desire an easy and instant solution for premature ejaculation, you may be thinking of using ejaculation spray. But have you already known about the side effects of ejaculation spray?

Many men like to use ejaculation spray because this can stop their premature ejaculation immediately. But the spray is only useful for sexual problems caused by physical over sensitivity rather than psychological factors. If you have used ejaculation spray, you should know the following side effects of ejaculation spray.

Ejaculation spray is not a cure

Ejaculation sprays available in the market are made by different companies, but most of them contain the same ingredient – lidocaine. The long-term use of Lidocaine can make your partner lose pleasure because this anesthetizes her vagina. Lidocaine also reduces sperm quality. So the spray cannot treat premature ejaculation, it’s just a temporary solution.

Too much numbing

If you get ejaculation spray with too strong formula, you will feel too much numbing on your penis. Your sensation of pleasure must be reduced to some levels. In some cases, the spray can also make a man get difficulty to erect.

Less pleasure

AsI have said before the spray contains lidocaine that can anesthetize not only the penis, but also the vagina. Long-term use can make you and your partner to experience less pleasure during sexual activity. There’s no any meaning at all to last longer in bed, but you don’t get optimum pleasure.

Last Longer cream is alternative for spray

You’re allowed to use ejaculation spray, but just temporarily. There are many good reasons not to use it in the long-term. If you’re looking for a safe desensitizing product for long-term use, We recommend Enlast. This is a cream with selected and natural ingredients approved by the FDA. You can use the product not only to stop premature ejaculation immediately, but also to take care of your male organ health. By using Enlast, you’re able last longer in bed and still feel optimal pleasure with your partner.

3 Side Effects of Ejaculation Spray You Have to Know